Our Stories

When I was asked if I would chat to a young lady about my cure as part of a documentary, a chat is all I really thought it would be as I was initially unsure about talking part in the documentary. I was unsure about what I could bring to it. But after a few informal chats with Sarah about my cure and cures in general, I realised how interesting it all was about the importance of our tradition of cures. It was a lovely experience to be part of and I look forward to watching all that Sarah discovered along the way.
Healer (Cure of the sprain)
As a seventh son healer, it was a great honour to be a participant in the making of the documentary. Any pre nerves that were there were soon dispelled by Sarah and her crew. They put me at ease and I was more than happy to share my life as a healer.
Healer (Cure of ringworm and general ailments)

Do you have the gift of a cure?

We are looking for people all over Ireland who are willing to share their own personal stories about the cures they have or have received. Any information shared with us is not published, but instead it will be used to help us research and understand cures in Ireland today.

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