Fr Peter Smyth’s Grave, Kill Graveyard, Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan

The soil from the grave is said to have a cure, for not just one but any ailment. Three small amounts of soil are lifted from the grave and placed in three different containers. A different piece of soil must be slept on for three consecutive nights. A particular set of prayers is said whilst the soil is being lifted and returned to the container each night. On the forth day, the soil must be returned to the grave.


There is more information inside an open altar at the graveyard that goes into detail about how to use the soil and what prayers are to be said.

I spoke with a local man and he told me that people come from all over Ireland for the cure in the soil. As one can see by the images, items are regularly left as an offering, but whether this is because the cure has worked or as an offering in good faith before doing the cure, is unknown to me.

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